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Check it Out!

A new recruit in Arizona Glenn has signed him up before his signing bonus got any higher...

The Queen Creek Youth Fair scheduled for the end of October has been changed to October 3rd & 4th....please make this change on our calendar.  Thanks

Remind everyone to get their horses ready for soccer while they are in Sedona....I don't know what the schedule will be, but there WILL BE HORSE SOCCER!!

Go to and check out what is happening with the AZ Soccer League


Arizona Chapter
2009 Calendar of Events

October 3 & 4 ~ Paso Soccer Demo at Youth Fair in Queen Creek.  Contact Glenn Davis at 623 931-1337 or

October 9 - 11 ~ 3rd Annual GW Red Rock Trail Ride.  This one is in Arizona!  Contact Glenn Davis at 623-931-1337 or

October 10 ~ GWPFHA Membership Meeting and Awards Banquet.  Contact Judi Bradbury at

December 12 & 13 ~ Paso Soccer Demo at Horse Festival in Scottsdale.  Contact Glenn Davis at 623 931-1337 or glenn@

NATRC Ride Schedule - Click Here

Catch me if you can!
AZ members playing Soccer

Arizona Horse Soccer League
(click on photo to your left to see video)

The University Fashions in New Jersey will provide our team with numbered soccer shirts and matching hats, complete with soccer logo.
  Renegade hoof boots is providing boots for the front feet .
  Our local tack/feed store may provide bell boots and leg guards for the team as well as possibly saddle pads.  
  With all this new gear our kids will be wearing, our opposition will probably be so intimidated they will forfeit!!
  So join up now!  Be a part of the team!  Please call for further details.


Cordy Overgaard
Sedona Ride Nov. 2007

Gaucho and Becky Garret

Arizona Members out having some fun!

Susan Day on Bolecita

Linda Chalfant and Paige Shepord
Sedona Ride November 07

Glenn Davis on Diva

Linda Chalfant riding Orgullo
Gold Cup Show

David Eisenberg

Go Glenn, go
Glenn Davis and Carol Nudell


Click on our video links below!

Click here to see AZ recently released Soccer Video!

Click here to read what the Apache Junction has to say about Arizona Horse Soccer!

Click here to see the latest new article in Bridle and Bit Magazine!

Check Out Our Pasos Moving the Soccer Ball at the Sedona, AZ Weekend! Click Here

Arizona Youth Member Christian Hernandez in his first horse show on Diva! 2008 Carousel Charity Horse Show

Want to find out more about the Paso Fino?  Want to find farms in your area?  Do you want to take a test ride?  Contact our Chapter Representitive,  we are happy to help!

Chapter Rep.
Glenn Davis
29009N. 152nd Street
Suprise, AZ  85387

Contact Glenn