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News from Arizona Edit Text


The "Arizona Festival of Horses" will be held on December 12th - 14th at Westworld in Scottsdale, Arizona. The promoters have requested that we once again demonstrate our Paso Finos in the Breed Showcase segment over the course of the weekend.  We will be putting together a hospitality booth for the public to browse, as well as making arrangements to offer the ever so popular "Paso Fino test ride!!" a DOUBLE offering, Equistar Horse Shows is also holding their holiday All-Breed Fun Show the same weekend, also at WestworldAnyone interested in becoming involved in the Paso Fino breed showcase or entering the Equistar Fun Show should contact:
  Last year we had a strong showing for the Pasos at the Fun Show, and the Paso Fino demonstrations were one of the major highlights of the Arizona Horse Festival.  Save that weekend...December 12- 14, 2008 at Westworld in Scottsdale, Arizona....See you there!!!!

News from Colorado

Colorado members are out promoting the breed with other Gaited Horse Associations.  Volunteers and participants have been invovled with the planning  and execution of Fun Shows and Play Days in an effort to rebuild bridges and have a gaited community!  This is one of the best ways for us to promote GWPFHA and the Paso Fino in these hard times.  By supporting all of our horse friends, we become stronger!


The Colorado Chapter was asked to supply and run a trail obstacle coarse and clinic for the Rocky Moutain Horse Association in June. 

This was a day that was opened to all of the gaited breeds.  For a fee of $15, each participant was able to do a beginning dressage clinic, a poker ride,  an obstacle course clinic, and enjoy an awesome pot luck lunch.  This was a great way for GW to become part of a wonderful community effort!

News From Utah

My First Show

By Ember Bradbury


When I was three years old, my Grandma bought me a horse for Christmas.My horseís name is Curioso Jorge, but we call him CJ for short.I canít have a horse where I live, so CJ lives with my Grandma.Whenever I go to Grandmaís house, I get to ride CJ.


This year, my Grandma was going to a show.She said I could go with her and entered me in the Paso Fino Pleasure Sub-Junior category.I went to my Grandmaís house to practice before the show.I was very nervous the day of the show.But Grandma and her friend Carol (Nudell) helped me get ready for the show and went into the arena with me.I won first place.In addition to a blue ribbon, I got a dozen red roses and a dozen white roses.I asked Grandma when I could go into another show.


I love my horse CJ.


Editorís Note:Ember is the granddaughter of Brad and Judi Bradbury.


Hot off the Press


Congratulations to Clyde Price and Chica for winning the Strawberry Endurance Ride, 25 mile category.  Way to go!!!

News from New Mexico


The NM Paso Posse plans to ride in the Corrales 4th of July parade....more to follow after the 4th.